10 Easy Ways to Drive More Readers to Your Posts

You spend all this time writing the perfect blog post, building beautiful images and creative to include and then you sit and wait for the readers to come. Are you ready to change that? To take control? It doesn’t have to be tons of work, I promise. With some simple tricks, some collaboration and some minor tweaks you can drive more readers to your blog posts.

10 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to your Blog Posts

  1. Share on your social networks. Many blog sites let you set up automatic sharing which makes it even easier. When you hit publish, it’ll share your post to Facebook, Twitter or wherever. Share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, BlogLovin, Mix, Instagram, and Pinterest. *Pinterest is my biggest traffic referrer.
  2. In Facebook Share Groups. These are groups of bloggers that share for shares. You give, they give. Some to check out to get you started: Five Facebook Blog Share Groups to Boost Your Blog
  3. On Twitter Share Threads – The Blogging Tribe is a great way to get started with!
  4. Share your blog posts in Group Pinterest Boards. I have two you can request to join: Journey to a Life You Love and #GetFitGetHappy
  5. Join Tailwind Tribes – I started this last week and I am in love with the TailwindApp! Here’s three tribes to get you started sharing: FitChicks, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It and Bloggers and Biz Owners Be Like.
  6. Guest posting – Building relationships with other bloggers is a wonderful way to expand your following and audience. Partner up with like-minded bloggers and swap guest posts. The key to this is to promote both blog posts (yours and theirs).
  7. Promote your blogs posts through an e-newsletter – This helps build more loyalty with your readers, keeps them coming back. It creates an easy way for your subscribers to connect with your blog and see new posts.
  8. Host a giveaway – Creating a giveaway is a wonderful engagement trick. People love to win stuff. Use this to collect new email subscribers and drive people to your blog and Social Media accounts.
  9. Include relevant post links in new blog posts – This helps the reader find more posts of interest and leads them to keep reading!
  10. Participate in link-ups – These are one of my favorite ways to promote my posts. It makes me feel kind of part of a club. You link your post to the link up host’s post and then everyone that reads that post sees your post link. Brita hosts an amazing one in February on her blog called #LoveBlog. Check out this year’s prompts here. And stay tuned, I’ll be hosting a bunch this year on my other blog, Do Five Things A Day. If you’re interested in co-hosting a day this March check out the details here.

Okay now that you have an arsenal of ideas, what are you waiting for? Pick one – or all of them – and get started growing your blog!

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