5 Smart Tips to Get People to Want to Read Your Emails

If you want people to read your emails the first thing you need to get down is the subject line. If you can’t get your subscribers to open your emails, it really doesn’t matter how good the actual email is.

Many of us fall in the habit of writing a killer email but then we just slap a quick subject line on it and think that’s going to do the trick. Well it’s not. The first thing your subscribers see is the subject line. They’re busy folks. So you’re going to have to give them a compelling reason to take the time to open your email and read it.

Keep It Short

You want your readers to see the entire subject line before they click it. You also want to make it easy for people to scan through their emails. Try to get your point across in 50 characters or less. Pay attention to how your subject lines look on your own devices.

Avoid “Spammy” Words

Stay away from using any words we typically associate with spam emails. Words like “sale”, “discount”, “coupon”, “free”, “limited time offer” and even “reminder” are over used. Even if they don’t trigger a spam filter and actually make it to your reader’s inbox, chances are pretty high they’ll get ignored.

Personalize It

While personalizing emails with someone’s first name has been overused in some markets, it still works well for many of us. Give it try and see if it works for you. Don’t overdo it, but use it when you really need them to open the email.

See if you have the capability to personalize other ways too. Depending on what data you collect when your readers sign up, you may be able to personalize other things like their location for example. Seeing the name of your state or even city in an email subject line is sure to get your attention.

Appeal To Their Curiosity

We are all nosy and it’s hard to ignore subject lines that sound intriguing or only tell part of the story. Using “…” at the end of your subject line will also work.

The idea here is simple. You want them to click and open the email to find out what the heck you’re talking about or how the story ends.

Keep a file or a notebook to write down what email subject lines catch your eye and get you to open them. This inspiration is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

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