5 WordPress Plugins That Make Life Easier

1. Yoast to Boost SEO in WordPress

Your blog or website is an invitation to the world to take a peek at what you have to offer. From blog posts and relevant content to goods and services that make life easier, people can’t benefit from your site if they don’t know it is there. SEO – search engine optimization – is the key to ensuring people know you exist. The higher your content ranks, the more likely an audience will find you.

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that helps site owners gauge how well they are optimizing SEO for their content. Yoast uses prompts to help improve SEO and ensure every element of a post or other content works together for the best ranking possible.

Here are some of the benefits of the YOAST plugin:

It doesn’t cost a thing

Yoast is a free plugin that works on self-hosted WordPress sites. It is easy to install and there is a lot included with the freemium. You can upgrade to a premium package, but most people find the free plugin to be more than enough for what they need.

Simple to understand

The prompts and matrix are easy to understand. From a user perspective, Yoast makes sense. There are clear steps to take to ensure content is being maximized and Yoast offers indicators that your content is on or off-base for optimization. A green light, yellow light, red light indication system helps gauge how well your content matches the keywords you intend to optimize. Yoast lets you know if there is no content, room for improvement, or you are good to go.

Reduces duplicate content

Yoast alerts you if your content is redundant or less likely to rank higher. Some versions of Yoast even offer synonym and related keywords to help maximize content. Yoast helps ensure content is readable – which is relative but can help get your work higher rankings on a search.

Increases the links coming into your site

The more people who find your site, the more search engines trust your content and see it as an authority. Yoast can help increase traffic and links to your site, making it more likely to rank higher.

Offers snippet feedback for your review

Once you have created your content you can consult the feedback via the “Page Analysis” tab. This information lets you see how your content will be interpreted by search engines and offers valuable editing options to improve your work.

Maximizing your SEO and ranking as high as possible in a search helps make sure your content is one of the top links available. Yoast makes it possible to streamline SEO and effectively create content that is more likely to get noticed and get clicked. Grab this free WordPress plugin and increase your SEO in no time.

2. Pretty Links – Control Your Marketing with Ease

Bloggers, social media influencers, and affiliate marketers rely on links to redirect viewers to relevant content. Being able to shorten and customize links helps ensure they look great and get clicks. Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that makes customizing links effortless and easy to manage. Pretty Links is not free, but there is generally a discount for new users no matter what package you buy. Depending on your needs, there is a package that is customized to cover what you need from the plugin.

Creating links is only the beginning. Managing the links and ensuring they are not broken, stolen, or lost among the vast numbers you manage matters. Pretty Links makes it possible to keep track of your links and ensure they are viable. Not only that, Pretty Links makes it possible to create links coming from your domain name.

Pretty Links focuses on these aspects of link management to protect and serve your WordPress site.

Link Shortening

Affiliate links can be long and messy. They can muddy up a blog post and people can be reluctant to click if they are uncertain or turned off by keywords in a link. Pretty Links helps create links that are aesthetically pleasing and more likely to get clicks.

Link Redirection

Links are all going somewhere, and it is important to ensure they consistently land where they were intended. Pretty Links works to protect the link and make certain it isn’t broken. The plugin is also updated when WordPress makes updates to ensure compatibility remains intact.

Link Management

From bloggers to affiliate marketers, everyone benefits from links that look great, get clicks, and land where they are intended. The more content and connections you have, the more links there are to manage. Pretty Links has tools to help organize and keep track of links, so they are safe and generating clicks and income. Pretty Links has diagnostic tools that share where clicks are coming from and going to.

Social Media Interaction

Pretty Links makes it possible to link directly to Twitter and email, sending links that are short, clickable, and attractive to consumers. The streamlined option makes many actions one-and-done when creating content.

Pretty Links is a tool for WordPress sites that make it possible to customize long and messy links into short and attractive links that get clicks. The easy-to-install plugin has dashboard and analytics that help increase your impact and your sales. All in all, it has become a routine plugin to use in most WordPress sites.

3. Backup Your Site with Updraft Plus

You’ve gone through the labor of creating a WordPress site and using plugins to enhance its SEO and reach. You’ve taken the time to educate yourself and protect yourself in many ways. Don’t forget to backup your site before you lose it all. WordPress does not come with a built-in backup solution but there are plugins that can be used to keep your site safe.

Sites get hacked, things happen, and even the seemingly most protected sites have vulnerabilities. Taking steps to backup your site makes it possible for you to retrieve your information should the unthinkable happen. There are many plugins available to back up a WordPress site; Updraft Plus is free and widely used.

Here are the details:

  • Updraft Plus is free (with a premium upgrade)
  • It uses cloud-based storage
  • Has customizable backup options
  • It’s compatible with third-party cloud-based vendors
  • And it is easy to restore from your WordPress site

The features in the freemium are useful.

Updraft Plus allows backups as part of the freemium but it also allows restoration as part of the free access. This is unique as many backup plugins require a fee for restoration. This sets the plugin apart from others.

Updraft Plus is compatible with other storage platforms.

It is compatible with cloud-based storage providers including Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You can also send a backup via email as another layer of protection.

Backup when you want, how you want.

You can schedule Updraft Plus to do routine backups, or you can manually create a backup any time. Restoration is considered easy based on user experiences.

Backing up your site is vital to keep it protected and free from harm. Having a reliable and easy-to-use plugin makes it simple. There are ample forums and tutorials to support using the plugin and the premium version includes added support and features.


  • Expert support
  • Backups to non-WordPress files and databases
  • Additional storage locations
  • Advanced analytics

It seems you can’t go wrong with the free or premium version as they both include restoration, but the increase for premium services isn’t cost prohibitive.

Get peace of mind and a solid way to protect your site from unwanted and unexpected crashes and hacking. Installing the Updraft Plus plugin will ensure you are protected and remain profitable.

4. Keep Spammers at Bay with Akismet Anti-Spam

Bloggers and content creators are regularly at risk of being spammed and finding their comments and contact pages filled with unwanted garbage and links that drag down their rankings. Additionally, spammers can hijack your site and create links that get you penalized by Google. Before long, your ranking has plummeted, and you find your content nearly non-existent. Luckily there is a WordPress plugin that can help. Akismet Anti-Spam blocker helps weed out the spam and get it off your site.

Moderating comments is laborious and individually sorting through the spam becomes impossible the more content you produce. Hackers can embed links in the comments that devalue your ranking and make your site appear amateur. Spammy comments can reduce the meaningful feedback and engagement you are looking for on a post or page on your site. A WordPress plugin like Akismet makes it possible to spend time creating content rather than moderating comments.

Akismet is created by the makers of WordPress and is already part of the back office on personal blogs. The plugin only needs to be activated to start filtering spam and blocking spammers. Businesses can easily use the plugin for a fee. The analytics are an excellent way to better understand the number of attempts to spam your site and give you vital information about the traffic to and from your site.

Pros of Akismet

  • Already available in WordPress
  • Highly effective at blocking spam
  • Has a feature that lets you determine the legitimacy of a comment
  • Hidden and misleading links are evident
  • A feature is included to block commentators

Cons of Akismet

  • Sometimes it filters out legitimate comments

When compared to other spam blocking plugins, Akismet ranks highest as of 2019. This makes sense since the plugin was developed by the same company it services – WordPress. The freemium version offers reliable and consistent safety and the dashboard and analytics are user-friendly.

Going to the trouble to create a WordPress site takes time, energy, and money. There are many aspects to site management that owners may not be aware of. Protecting sites from malicious attacks ranks just as high as backing up a site. Using a plugin like Akismet anti-spam blocker can make managing and moderating contact forms and comments easier and safer. Protecting your site from being devalued is essential for your reach and your commerce. Activate Akismet and rest assured that your site is protected.

5. WPForms Makes Form Creation Simple

WordPress users range from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Newbies don’t always know what they need until they need it and may not be ready for expensive services. Thankfully, there are plugins that help increase the capacity of a WordPress site without having to invest in expensive software.

As your needs grow, you may find it valuable to have forms on your site. Forms make it possible to capture information about your customers or subscribers. Forms make it possible to increase your email list or connect one-to-one with someone. WPForms is a free plugin that uses drag and drop technology to create personalized forms for your WordPress site.


  • Offers templates
  • Uses drag-n-drop technology
  • Is mobile friendly
  • Offers instant notifications
  • Is compatible with email systems like MailChimp and Aweber
  • Is compatible with PayPal and other point-of-sale providers
  • Protects against spam

Some features are included with the plugin while others are considered add-ons. Regardless, the compatibility with leading providers in the industry makes the plugin attractive. Newbies can benefit while growing their confidence and knowledge base while their site develops, and they better understand the needs of their customers and how they want to deliver content and connect for sales and list building.

The WPForms website has useful tutorials and blog posts that support newbies as well as experienced site owners. There is ample support and updated information that makes using the plugin easier and offers ideas for maximizing the templates or creating customized forms.

WPForms is ever-evolving. They pay attention to trends, needs, and gaps in services and create workarounds and add-on’s that add value to the plugin, making it possible to pass the value on to people visiting your site. An example: WPForms discovered mobile users were being dropped when they didn’t have wi-fi. WPForms created an add on that makes it possible to complete forms and deliver them when the mobile device is online. This feature makes it possible to retain a contact that might otherwise have been lost. Features such as this make it easier and more likely site users will successfully complete their contact forms.

If you need an easy-to-use way to create forms for your WordPress site, WPForms is a valuable plugin that will hold your hand or give you the reigns. Either way, your potential customers, subscribers, and leads will have an easier time engaging with you on or offline.

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