7 Steps to Build Out the Ultimate Business Plan

At the end of last year I did some power planning for this year. My process allowed me to determine how and where I wanted to expand.

As a result, I compiled a step by step guide to building the ultimate business plan. Whether you run a side hustle, an online business, or are working on monetizing your blog, these steps will help you set yourself up for success.

I did a lot of digging and learning as I went through my planning process. You can check out the full length chatter here.

First, you need to determine what your goals are.

One crazy thing about me is that I have so many goals – like so many goals. What I’ve learned though is that they ultimately all add up to one big, beautiful dream. With that being said, I needed to really pull out what my specific goals were going to be for the year.

Start by making a list of what you want to see manifest this year. Then translate those into concrete, realistic goals.

Determine what the actions are that you need to take to reach those goals.

Are there specific products that you need to create? Do you need to enroll in some skill building classes? Determine what specific actions need to be put into place.

Do some thorough market research.

This includes who your current audience is. It also includes research of who your target audience should be. Does the audiences you have in line match up with who you should be talking to? Identify if you need to make adjustments in your plans.

Set specific monetary and growth goals for the year.

To build a solid marketing plan, first you need to determine what your specific growth goals are. You should include every avenue that you plan on growing when you build this out. This includes blog views, social followers, Facebook Group members, etc. Once you have your growth goals set you can start planning out more specifically how you are going to reach those goals.

Build out your editorial or promotional calendar.

This is important because it gives you a big picture look at your next several months or year. I will typically build out a skeleton calendar and then fill in more specifically as I get closer to the dates.

Having a plan sketched out on a calendar will set a plan for you to follow and helps you see if there are any gaps that need filled throughout the year.

Create specific marketing plan.

This includes the more nitty gritty stuff. A complete marketing plan will include anything from promoting content and offers to current followers as well as reaching new audiences through paid promotions, referrals and networking.

Build out the game plans to implement.

Okay, I know this is a lot of work but I promise it works. If you have a clear plan than it’s much easier to execute.

This is your step by step stuff. Break them up into individual projects. This way you can take on one project at a time and it helps you not feel so overwhelmed.

Check out my examples in my super duper long post here. Plus you can grab a free business and marketing template!

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