8 Reasons to Get Started as a Stella & Dot Stylist

One of my favorite ways to make money is to share everything you already love…how easy is that right? It still takes some organizing and some managing but isn’t it so much more amazing to wake up every morning knowing you’re setting out to make your living doing something you love?!

How You Can Make Money Being a Fashionista

Step 1 – you gotta join Stella & Dot’s Stylist Program


Are you the gal that your friends and family are always complimenting you on your style, your jewelry, your pzazz? Well that’s because you got it all going on…so why not make some money off of all that excitement?

8 Reasons to Be a Stella & Dot Stylist

  1. You can rock your spectacular style and make business contacts doing it – making money doing your own thang – and earn 20%-30% commission on your sales!
  2. Be your own boss!
  3. Make your own hours! Work however many hours you want!
  4. Get paid weekly!
  5. Work from wherever – home, on the go, at the beach!
  6. Make new friends everyday!
  7. Make money throwing parties!
  8. And because you love the products already and want to be showing it off you also get the perks of 25%-50% discount and even can earn free products!

So the big question – What’s it cost?

This is where my analytic side comes in and I get skeptical…but it’s all good news! Stella & Dot hooks their stylists up! You can choose whichever starter kit fits your budget so you can get rocking and rolling!

So yeah, you’ll have to work at it a little to build your business but with this fantastic set up you get to flaunt your style, your rock star personality and make money while doing it!

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