8 Reasons to Get Started as a Stella & Dot Stylist

One of my favorite ways to make money is to share everything you already love…how easy is that right? It still takes some organizing and some managing but isn’t it so much more amazing to wake up every morning knowing you’re setting out to make your living doing something you love?!

How You Can Make Money Being a Fashionista

Step 1 – you gotta join Stella & Dot’s Stylist Program


Are you the gal that your friends and family are always complimenting you on your style, your jewelry, your pzazz? Well that’s because you got it all going on…so why not make some money off of all that excitement?

8 Reasons to Be a Stella & Dot Stylist

  1. You can rock your spectacular style and make business contacts doing it – making money doing your own thang – and earn 20%-30% commission on your sales!
  2. Be your own boss!
  3. Make your own hours! Work however many hours you want!
  4. Get paid weekly!
  5. Work from wherever – home, on the go, at the beach!
  6. Make new friends everyday!
  7. Make money throwing parties!
  8. And because you love the products already and want to be showing it off you also get the perks of 25%-50% discount and even can earn free products!

So the big question – What’s it cost?

This is where my analytic side comes in and I get skeptical…but it’s all good news! Stella & Dot hooks their stylists up! You can choose whichever starter kit fits your budget so you can get rocking and rolling!

So yeah, you’ll have to work at it a little to build your business but with this fantastic set up you get to flaunt your style, your rock star personality and make money while doing it!

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Five Blog Share Groups to Boost Your Blog

You know the buzz of all those share groups for bloggers? Well it’s a pretty cool buzz. I’ve met some really awesome bloggers through those, grown my followers and audience through them and scored some awesome collaboration opportunities.

Five Blog Share Facebook Groups to Join to Boost Your Blog and Grow Your Network

The Blogging Squad

Blogging with Heart

Boost Your Blog 101

Bloggers Get Social

Gimme Love – Blog & Social Media Engagement Group

How to Build a Schedule for a Healthy Hustle

2016 was the year I really started hustling to make my dreams come true. My visions started to become clearer and sharper. The steps to reach my dreams were going into motion. I started to hustle like crazy. This was the post I wrote that year: Why Being Tired Is Worth It. But my perspective has changed since then.

Road to burn out.

Though it was the year my road to my dreams started being paved it was also the year I started running towards burn out. My life was going from my full time day job (which is quite demanding on its own) and then coming home and working on my businesses. I worked late nights, slept very little, and really never took any down time. Fast forward to December 2018 and I crashed. And I hit it hard. I had accomplished many wonderful things in those two years. I was seeing things fall into place but what I wasn’t doing is taking the best care of myself or taking the time to celebrate those fantastic accomplishments. Because of this I was burning out.

The wall that forced me to slow down.

I spent December of last year and January of this year teaching myself to slow down. Medically I was forced to. Looking back this was probably a blessing in disguise. My slow down translated to meaning I pretty much did nothing for two months. It felt good. Actually at the end of those two months, I felt like I could breathe and think better. It taught me to sit in ‘nothing’, as weird as that sounds. I needed it, really needed it. Through this process I built a healthier plan to put into action.

Coming back.

Mid December I cleared out a bunch of clutter in my surroundings. I rearranged my room to showcase the things that brought me joy and comfort. I surrounded myself with books and artwork and things that inspire me. Resulting from this rearrangement, I feel more creative, peaceful and productive. At the end of the month I launched my third blog, my online boutique, and relaunched my Etsy shop with my paintings. Because I was de-cluttering and clearing my schedule of busy work I was creating room for growth, for more progress. However as it seems I may have more on my plate if I’m not careful and lead myself back to burn out.

The list seems long but it’s actually not so crazy.

  1. The motivational blog, Do Five Things A Day
  2. My inspirational lifestyle blog about my journey to a hygge lifestyle, Going Hygge
  3. The newest biz baby where I can share all the good stuff about building your business and blog, BlogFiveBiz
  4. My paintings which are now live in my Etsy shop, PhoenixAnnSt
  5. My online boutique, FiveInspired
  6. And some side projects in motion like a few books I’ve been writing, a planner design, my life coaching program, and some online courses.

So how am I going to keep myself sane and protect myself from burn out?

Well first I have to identify priorities – live businesses vs. projects in the works. I have five live streams currently. The rest I put on my projects lists. Sure, I’d love to have them all launch this year. Heck they’d all be live already if it was realistic. But it’s not realistic. Especially not on top of my full time day job. So I set flexible deadlines for them and I work on my projects a little hear and there.

Regarding how to keep my five live streams moving. I created a schedule. But I made sure it was realistic. The result is still having space for the rest of my life.

What’s this schedule look like for maintaining and growing three blogs and two shops?

I’ve spread my tasks out through the week and the month.

  • Mondays – Build and schedule emails.
  • Tuesdays – My evening off.
  • Wednesdays – Build creative.
  • Thursdays – Write blog posts. Schedule Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Fridays – Schedule pins in Tailwind.
  • Saturdays – My days off.
  • Sundays – Write blog posts. Schedule Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Second Friday of the month I add new artwork to my Etsy shop.
  • Fourth Friday of the month I add new designs to FiveInspired.

And I allow some flexibility. It goes both ways. Sometimes my mind isn’t working super well so I move my tasks to another evening. Sometimes I’m grooving and I’ll let myself go. The key is to balance it though. If I work late one night, I start later the next day and take the evening off.

It’s always a learning process and we all work a little different. But we all need to take breaks. You’ll find you are much more productive when you give yourself time to recharge. Take it from me – burn out sucks!

Meet Your Blogger

Hey everyone! I’m Laura…or Romberger…whichever you wanna call me. I get a few names being that Laura is a pretty common name so I roll with the last name nickname kind of thing pretty fair.

I set out this year to slow some stuff down in my life. I was all crazy workaholic and at the end of the day even though I was making progress I felt drained and like I was just a hamster running on a wheel. It was killing me so I knew I needed to make some big changes – for my health and to actually make my dreams come true. With all that being said, what do I do? Well I launch a third blog of course…sounds counter-productive doesn’t it? Well for me, it’s the organization I needed and it’s what is helping me categorize my interests and set a better, healthier schedule for myself.

I spent the last few years with “hustle” at the forefront of my daily vocabulary. But this year, I’m working on negating that word from my life – or at least changing the perspective of it. I’m over the notorious burn outs.

So a bit more details about me and what I do – I am a super eclectic person so I have tons of varied interests which you’ll surely learn more about as you read my posts and see it reflected in my goals list (I’ll share that shortly). So my full time day job I work for a National Media Company as a Regional Sales (and Marketing) Manager. I manage all things subscriptions and memberships is the best way I can sum it up. I wear a lot of different hats in this role and it’s one of those day jobs that seeps into the evenings, nights and weekends sometimes too – but I’m blessed with the flexibility of my hours if I need it. I also am a blogger full time – this is my third blog (yup, I’m one of those folks – crazy!) and I’m also a part-time artist (who would love to go full time with that as well). I’m kind of all of the place – that eclectic thing.

I’ve been blogging for upwards twelve years now and I’ve had tons of transitions through the process. I started with a crafting blog way back when, then moved to a foodie blog, and then found a place in the world where I can speak in my own voice on www.dofivethingsaday.com – a motivational lifestyle blog that focuses on health, fitness, wellness, personal development and self-care. In November of last year I launched www.goinghygge.com – a place for me to share my thoughts, chatter and stories as I move towards a more hygge filled lifestyle. And today I launch www.blogfivebiz.com to share my lessons of building my blogs and businesses.

I knocked out a whole bunch off my projects list and launched cool stuff last year: I launched my first online course and turned it into a book. I had one of my stories/posts published in an online magazine. I opened my online boutique FiveInspired to sell my designs and I posted my paintings in my etsy shop PhoenixAnnSt. I was a busy gal last year. I never really took the time to celebrate it. I just kept “hustling”. I let it all of that busyness eat me up though. So this year, it’s all about “working smarter and not harder”. With that means finding the best way to intertwine all my varied interests and projects together. It means wrapping things together more, aligning. It also means that I need to refocus on my self-care as a business owner and lady boss…so I could keep bossing. I shared my biz plans for the year here, with the thought that as I grow and align myself more with my soul’s desires my goals will flex a bit as well.

Well I’m off to a little bit of happy project work!

xoxo Laura