The one habit that holds me back from being free.

Well we’ve made it to day four of the #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge and today we’re going to get a little more personal and chat bad habits. Today’s daily prompt is ‘what’s a habit you’re trying to break’. So I mentioned this topic to my boyfriend and he didn’t even hesitate at blurting out the one habit he’d

Five Books on My Bookshelf that Help With My Personal Development

I’m a bit of a personal development junkie so it would make sense that a good bit of my books fall in the self-help category. I don’t think I’ve gone a blogging challenge yet without some kind of post on the top of self improvement – that’s how much I love it! In March’s #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge

Hey Y’all – Let’s get to know each other!

Day one of September’s #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge!!! First things first, we should get to know each other. Today’s prompt is to introduce yourself and your websites. I’m Laura – also known as Romberger, Babe, and Mom. Currently I kind of gypsy it between Hershey and York and among Central PA – bouncing in my spaces between my