The one habit that holds me back from being free.

Well we’ve made it to day four of the #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge and today we’re going to get a little more personal and chat bad habits. Today’s daily prompt is ‘what’s a habit you’re trying to break’. So I mentioned this topic to my boyfriend and he didn’t even hesitate at blurting out the one habit he’d

Five Books on My Bookshelf that Help With My Personal Development

I’m a bit of a personal development junkie so it would make sense that a good bit of my books fall in the self-help category. I don’t think I’ve gone a blogging challenge yet without some kind of post on the top of self improvement – that’s how much I love it! In March’s #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge

Hey Y’all – Let’s get to know each other!

Day one of September’s #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge!!! First things first, we should get to know each other. Today’s prompt is to introduce yourself and your websites. I’m Laura – also known as Romberger, Babe, and Mom. Currently I kind of gypsy it between Hershey and York and among Central PA – bouncing in my spaces between my

The Top Things that Have Helped Me On My Personal Development Journey

It’s day two of The FiveInspired Blogging Challenge and today we’re chatting personal development! This is one of my favorite topics to chat about so of course I’m super excited! You can check out all the prompts for the challenge here. Personal development is at the forefront of my thoughts on a constant basis. I’m one