5 Powerful & Motivating Books for Bloggers & Entrepreneur Minds

Reading is such a powerful and important part of self-care as a business owner (or blogger). It helps to keep your mind sharp, inspire you and push you to keep moving in the right direction. Here’s my little reading list for serious-time bloggers, the business minded and entrepreneurs. Drawing invaluable lessons from her experience, Licht

How Regret has Taught Me More about Self-Care as a Business Owner

Regret can be either a demise or an opportunity to learn great lessons. This morning I posted my first day co-hosting #LoveBlog on www.dofivethingsaday.com with the topic being ‘Regret’. When I participate in this challenge every year it always gives me more insight into who I am. The prompts lead me into a deeper self-discovery

Meet Your Blogger

Hey everyone! I’m Laura…or Romberger…whichever you wanna call me. I get a few names being that Laura is a pretty common name so I roll with the last name nickname kind of thing pretty fair. I set out this year to slow some stuff down in my life. I was all crazy workaholic and at