Hey Y’all – Let’s get to know each other!

Day one of September’s #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge!!!

First things first, we should get to know each other. Today’s prompt is to introduce yourself and your websites.

I’m Laura – also known as Romberger, Babe, and Mom. Currently I kind of gypsy it between Hershey and York and among Central PA – bouncing in my spaces between my parents’ home and my boyfriend’s. It may sound a bit chaotic but it all feels like home.

My background is in sales and marketing – many, many years that added up among the corporate world. Which more recently came to a halt – meaning I set myself free from the corporate, workaholic life. Big, scary and super exciting step here! I now where the hats of many positions — ready for this list?

Owner and Blogger of BlogFiveBiz, a blog all about blogging and entrepreneurship.

Owner and Blogger of GoingHygge, a blog about my journey to a more cozy, happier, and healthier life.

Owner and Editor of Do Five Things A Day, a personal development digital magazine. Plus just launched my Vlog for it!

Partner Owner of PhoenixAnnSt, a social media and promotional marketing firm for small businesses (including bloggers and influencers).

Owner and Designer for FiveInspired, a shop of inspirational and motivational tees and more.

Owner of An Inspired Essential Life – healthy living and wellness with essential oils and independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.

Community Volunteering – I recently accepted the position as Board Vice President for the York Art Association.

And just for fun – MLEatsandExplores with my honey. Or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

So, if it hasn’t been made obvious yet – I’m a true A-Type Personality. I got all kinds of things whizzing in my head like all the time! I keep two or three brain dump notebooks all over the place – for reals. Personality type I’m a INTJ-A = Introversion, Intuition, Thinker, Judging – Aggressive (not like the awful mean kind of aggressive though!) – but the Architect and Mastermind. So naturally I’m a creator, dreamer and process maker. And I have a passion for it too.

I will not say I’m a simple person because I have a pretty complex personality however I do have a pretty simple and optimistic outlook. Being that I’m complex though, there is a lot to get to know about me. So hang on and enjoy the ride!

Okay, now let’s get to know you and what you do – drop a comment and leave the link to your Day 1 Five Inspired Blogging Challenge post!

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