How Hobbies Can Be Our Therapies Too

Woot, woot – we’re on day 3 of the #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge. Let’s do a quick check in – how’s it going for you? I’m feeling pretty good about it and it feels good to be writing so much again! Leave a comment and let me know how it’s going for you!

Today’s prompt is ‘Your Hobbies’. I enjoy doing a lot of things (being that super eclectic gal) but I’ve learned to zone in on what my hobbies really are. Most times my hobbies cross over as therapy. They provide time for me to recharge and sometimes even escape the stress of life.

I’ve dabbled in a lot of things. Some hobbies have stuck and others were a phase. Some of the activities are once in a while kind of things so I’m not going to throw them in the hobbies bucket for today’s post.

So one of the top hobbies I’m known for is my painting. This is my art therapy. This hobby gives me a place to escape to. I feel so free when I’m creating art and it has been a huge part of my self-discovery and personal development.

Hiking. I love to hike. I love being out in nature. It’s so super soothing. Taking a hike is a great way to clear your mind or work through something lingering.

Yoga and Meditation. Though I haven’t been as disciplined, structured and consistent as usual, I still consider this a love of mine. Yoga has so many amazing benefits – spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Can I say eating? Cause we do love to eat yummy foods – especially ethnic and craft to table cuisines.

What hobbies do you have? Have you found that your hobbies provide therapeutic benefits to you also?

Drop a comment below and leave your link to your hobbies post!

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    1. I’m always up for a cup of tea <3 I love that you work with paper crafts and have a love for writing! Passion for what we do makes such a difference!

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