How Organization Gives You Power & Control

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Well hello there, happy Monday – another week gone by! Ack, it seems so fast, you start a week and then the week has passed – what the heckers?!

Last week some awesome stuff came about though. We got approval to move forward in approaching some new office programs at the art association (woot! woot!) and we had some amazing meetings. These meetings left me feeling pretty pumped up and motivated.

My honey also asked me to move in – big step forward in our relationship! And let’s be real it also means less running back and forth for me which means building a stronger routine. You know how much I love routines, efficiency and time protection! But bigger happiness that I get to wake up every morning to his face as we chase our dreams together!

In other fantastic news, my title as a marketing manager got a little upgrade. You’re reading the blog of a newly titled publicist! (Lots of exclamations in today’s chat.) It’s a better fit for what I’m doing and it allows me the freedom to offer more for my clients.

So this week is my first week in like forever that I don’t have meetings scheduled (oh thank goodness, I need this!) so I’m going to be using this “downtime” (haha downtime, what?!) to focus on getting caught up and ahead. And most importantly focus on some organization!

So let’s chat organization for a minute – which is totally one of my obsessions!

Organization gives you power!

Scenario: You can find your keys because they are in an organized spot. Ha, how’s it feel? Like simple stuff like this makes you feel like you got it all together! This is power!

It’s the same idea in your business life. Managed forms, editorial calendars, email management routines – these give you power and help you stay in control of all the chaos.

This week I’ll be cleaning out the clutter – and catching up on the emails (I’m sorry if you’ve emailed me and are still waiting on a response!!!).

Five Things to Do Each Month to Stay Organized

  1. Scan through your files. Delete files you no longer need. File away downloads into their appropriate folders.
  2. Unsubscribe to promotional emails that are not serving your needs or interests.
  3. Check your monthly to-do/projects list. I find that re-writing it helps me keep it clean and keeps me from going overboard on adding things that maybe really don’t need to be there right now – it’s about keeping it manageable.
  4. Preview your upcoming month on the calendar. What is coming up that may need some management?
  5. Take a peek at that brain dump journal. What ideas are ready to be pushed into project mode? Which need some more developing?

Well folks, it’s late morning now so I gotta cut off the chatter and get back to work! I hope you all have an amazing (and powerful!) week.

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