How to Set Healthy Boundaries as a Blogger

I had a lot to learn about healthy boundaries when I started hardcore blogging. It was the year I decided to go full time and turn my blogging passion into a business. There were many late nights, even sometimes a few days I skipped sleep all together. My mind was constantly (and still does sometimes) buzzing with ideas and thoughts.

I titled it ‘Racing Mind Syndrome’.

I don’t really know if this is a real thing but it felt fitting to me. My mind was on overdrive 100% of the time. I managed to keep this going for a few years. How I did this? Honestly, it surely was an illusion. In reflection, I see dips and highs in the consistency of my blogging.


Because I wasn’t managing my racing mind and thoughts and I was burning out. Boundaries were not being set and withheld. It resulted in small waves of burn out. Those were the dips in my writing. Those dips caused the declines in my traffic.

Without boundaries two things can happen: One, you’re work won’t be quality work because you will not be able to dedicate adequate time to the projects even if you do meet your deadlines. Or second, you do manage to get it all done but you don’t sleep, eat, rest or anything in between. As a result, you burn out and become pretty much worthless…only saying this one because I’ve been there.

Boundaries provide benefits to you personally and in the success of your business.

  1. Boundaries set standards.
  2. They encourage good self-care.
  3. Having boundaries will increase your energy and productivity.
  4. You will produce higher quality work.
  5. Boundaries create an organized environment.
  6. Having boundaries (and sticking to them) will boost your self-confidence.
  7. They also result in more respect for you as individual.
  8. As contradictory as it may sound initially, boundaries give you more freedom.

Here’s six ways you should be practicing boundaries as a blogger:

  1. Say no. This is really important to learn to do. And I know it is super hard sometimes, especially when there are so many awesome opportunities out there. But it is a dire practice. There is only so much that can be accomplished in a day’s time. There is only so much that our brains can process at one time.
  2. Create a schedule. This will help you build better harmony among your tasks. It helps you get a better look at work-life balance too. Check out my post ‘How to Build a Schedule for a Healthy Hustle‘ for some ideas. Having a schedule will also help you identify when you need to say no to additional work and projects.
  3. Take time to re-charge. Make sure you are giving yourself breathing room. You need to have time to rest each week, or even each day. Step away from the laptop. Put down the pen and notebook. Silence your phone. Separate from your business for at least a few hours a day.
  4. Practice self-care. Get restful sleep. Eat healthy. Drink water. Exercise. Meditate. Journal. You have to take care of yourself. Making time for your wellness is part of having healthy boundaries.
  5. Allow yourself flexibility. Life is going to happen. If you restrict yourself so much that you can’t flow with life then you will go nuts. There are some nights that I get into such a writing frenzy that I end pulling that all nighter. So I allow myself that flexibility and I give myself some extra down time the next day. Let yourself slide sometimes. My boundary in that is in setting the plan to move things around.
  6. Practice forgiveness for yourself. In addition to allowing flexibility, you have to forgive yourself. Forgiveness gives you freedom. It shakes off those thoughts that can get you stuck in a rut or weigh you down.

In building these boundaries you give yourself an environment that you can breathe in. One that is more manageable and not as overwhelming. It gives you the freedom to encompass the work-life balance that is so important.

4 Replies to “How to Set Healthy Boundaries as a Blogger”

  1. Flexibility and forgiveness – both easier said than done. But yes, so important. I tend to be all in – and then, if something goes sideways, I abandon altogether instead of just picking up where I left off. Kinda silly, but sometimes it’s easier to deny and walk away than to get up and patch things where needed.
    This is such good advice… Thanks.

  2. I find most people who talk about successful side-hustling or other types of freelance life spend way too much time talking about your advice 1-4 and not enough 5 and 6. Those two, especially 6, are something I struggle with.

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