How to Start an Awesome Online Shop in Six Simple Steps

Have you ever dreamed of having your own shop with your own designs? This was a dream of mine for many, many years. This year, that dream came true for me with FiveInspired!!!

It can be an easier launch than you think. Today, I’m going to map out the steps I took to push FiveInspired live. You can visit my shop to get a feel of what your online boutique can look like!

Step 1

Determine what your shop’s personality will be. This is going to help you determine your target audience. Who will you be designing for? After careful thought and consideration, I made the determination that I wanted my boutique to be an extension of my blog. I wanted to make clothing that had inspirational messages on them for my audience.

Step 2

Start sketching out some ideas and brainstorming. I keep a notebook with a running list of slogans and design ideas. You should have a handful of ideas before you start creating. This gives you some wiggle room if you’re first design idea isn’t quite panning out.

Step 3

Set up your Spreadshop account. Their platform is super easy to use. Pick your name for your shop and fill out your about me’s.

Step 4

Get designing. I use Canva to create my designs. I find the platform so easy to use and affordable if you choose to upgrade. Your designs can be as simple or as complex as you desire. It’s all up to you – this is your space to create!

Step 5

Upload your designs to your Spreadshop and design your products. They have a simple walk through step by step process to follow. After you’ve decided your satisfied with your products, push them live and launch your shop!

Step 6

Promote, promote, promote. Share your new venture with friends and family. Post on social media. You got this!

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3 Replies to “How to Start an Awesome Online Shop in Six Simple Steps”

  1. Hi Laurie, First thank you for finding my blog and the #omhgww to share yours and this post, wow, for years I have been looking for a way to set up a store without the cost, I have seen others but with your 6 steps I think I can do this too.
    I saw your post linked early one morning on my phone and clicked through to read, then I thought I had saved your site and when I went to find it, I could not find it anywhere, in Pinterest, my email, bookmarks, so backtracking, I found it in my party, whew. It took me 2 hours of racking my brain to even know where to begin looking, but here I am I found you.
    Thank you again for sharing your blog on Oh My Heartsie Girl! Be sure to stop by again soon.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Karren! I’m so glad you found my post! Please share your shop with me if you set it up (and feel free to reach out with any questions!
      Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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