How To Stay Positive & Full of Passion as a Blogger

Blogging takes a lot of work, a lot of energy, time, creativity, and focus. At times it can be quite draining. There are frustrating moments like when your WordPress plug ins won’t work or when you aren’t getting the traffic you need on a post. In the 12 plus years I’ve been blogging I have definitely experienced my share of ups and downs. Days when I feel on top of the world and days when I am practicing as much self control as I can muster to not through my computer across the room. But in the end it’s all been worth it. I have grown so much not only in my blogs and businesses but also personally.

A big key to my success is in keeping my head up, staying positive and surrounding myself with inspiration.

Five Things Bloggers Do To Stay Positive and Full of Passion

  1. The more inspirational the read, the better. Motivational quotes, other blogger’s stories, self-development articles and books.
  2. We write with intention. We write with the intent to share our stories to inspire others.
  3. By allowing our readers to hold us accountable.
  4. We build our tribes. Partnering up and collaborating with other bloggers, joining mastermind groups, and growing our group of business-minded buddies.
  5. We are fueled by the excitement of meeting our goals.

What ways to do you stay inspired? I’d love to hear about them!

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