The Feelings of a Being a New Entrepreneur

Life has pretty much been spinning like crazy around me. Or maybe it’s just my head spinning in all the chaos. My brain has been on ideas overload for like a straight three months now. And here I thought I was leaving the corporate world to slow down!

However life is definitely very different.

No more 4 am – 10 pm days trying to meet ridiculous deadlines. But there is a certain chaotic process that takes over when you set off to go full time with your dreams, side hustles and launching your own businesses. For one, when you first step out of the gate you find yourself weighted down with a million and one ideas. And let me tell you I’m learning (at least with the type of brain I have) that I have to let myself go through the trial and error. As a result, it seems to lead into yet another idea but it does present some new perspectives and clearer views.

Going full entrepreneur is a roller coaster of emotions!

One minute I’m at the top, dancing around the room because I just signed my first client. The next I’m sitting feeling totally paralyzed by the realization that I”m not going to be a self made millionaire this week. What I’m finding though is that a little faith goes a long way. My bills are getting paid – barely some days but they’re getting paid and I don’t feel like I want to throw up five days out of the week from being so stressed out.

Carrying your own stress instead of someone else’s stress feels differently.

I will not sit here and tell you that it’s not stressful being a business owner – it is so stressful some days. But here’s the thing, carrying my own stress, the stress I’m choosing to have, fits a bit better on my shoulders. This stress is because I know I’m working towards my goals and dreams. And that feels very different than where I was (the overworked, too dedicated workaholic corporate gal).

You gotta do you first and always.

Not everyone has the entrepreneur personality. Some of us like the 9-5 day jobs. My struggle was that I never kept it at the 8 hours a day. I had a very hard time not over extending myself. I still struggle with that a bit but I’m much more aware of it being in front of my own schedule and task lists. Do some soul-searching, take a check in on how well you feel in your current situation. Make your wellness and your happiness a priority – and make the changes (start by mapping out a plan) to get there.

Don’t ever think you can’t make your dreams come true!

Yeah quitting your job and going all in to chase your dreams is freaking scary and super risky. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I’ve hit some snags along the way (and surely will have many more challenges) but I really believe I can make this all happen. It comes down to your mindset. How bad do you want it? Do you believe in yourself and your dreams? If you truly do then you will overcome the challenges and the struggles, you’ll learn as you go and you’ll make it happen!

Last week I was a bit cranky. I was stressed, worried and feeling a bit defeated. So I took a break this weekend from the hustles. Today I’m up and moving again, and I’m getting some stuff done. This is the life of an entrepreneur. This is the life of a hustler. These are my real life thoughts of my journey to my dreams.

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