The one habit that holds me back from being free.

Well we’ve made it to day four of the #FiveInspiredBloggingChallenge and today we’re going to get a little more personal and chat bad habits. Today’s daily prompt is ‘what’s a habit you’re trying to break’.

So I mentioned this topic to my boyfriend and he didn’t even hesitate at blurting out the one habit he’d love to see me kick – and that’s being a total workaholic.

I’ve always been a worker bee – to a fault.

Being a hard worker is a positive trait, until it crosses the line.

I’m your classic, true to form A-type personality which means I’m a go-getter, I’m motivated, I’m a perfectionist and can be a bit aggressive at times. Some of these may sound like absolutely amazing traits and in many ways they are. Who doesn’t love being around a motivated and inspiring individual? Well it’s in those times that I just can’t stop. When you want to kick up your feet and relax a bit or take a break…and I keep going and going, running myself ragged and stressing out those around me in the process. These are those times when I know I can be a bit harder to love.

I’d say I’m working on having better work-life balance but it’s more about harmony right now for me, and about finding the right flow. I’m not going to have an even balance between work and play – and may never have that. I have a lot of goals and new ventures in the works and that means a lot of set up work is to be completed. Plus it’s just in my personality to be a little busy bee. But it’s in finding a better flow and harmony in which my goal lies.

Better harmony means more time for wellness, relaxation and creating space for other priorities in my life.

You can easily take a peek at my planner and see lots of tasks filling it up but there isn’t much time for socializing, connecting and taking care of myself. This is where those habits really need to change. If I’m not taking exceptional care of myself then in no way will I truly be able to keep up with all I want to happen in my life.

So onward to breaking the hustle mindset.

I vowed to myself to make a change this year. I quit my job in the corporate world to take back control so I better step up to the plate. It is time for me to say goodbye to the workaholic (on her way to burnout on a constant basis) Laura and hello to the healthy, happy me – all around!

Alright, I want to hear what habits you’re working on kicking? Drop a link to your post below!!!

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