Three Themes to Step Up Your Instagram Game

When you’re envisioning your Instagram, what does it look like? Do you just wing it and post as you go or do you spend time planning out the look? I’ve found that taking the time to plan out a design, personality and cohesiveness has helped boost my engagement and grow my audience.

Instagram is fully visual.

We love Instagram because it’s visual. We also hate Instagram because it’s visual. The perks are there in that we can share beautiful photos with others and give an inside look to our lives, to our businesses and connect more personally with our followers. This however also breeds challenges in ensuring we have excellent photo quality and in building out a visual plan that truly tells our story in the light we want it to.

I’ve been exploring and testing and playing around with Instagram quite a bit lately. Being a social media marketing manager puts it at the top of my priority list – especially with working with artists and influencers — because they’re story must be visual.

I have found Planoly to be a best friend in helping me schedule and preview my grids before the posts go live. I am also a huge Canva lover. Canva allows you to build the creative for your posts from the ground up (or use one of their many templates).

Today I’m going to share with you some theme ideas I created for Instagram from Canva. I use these to plan out what my grid is going to look like for my upcoming posts. Click the link or image and it’ll take you to Canva where you then ‘Save as Copy’ and can personalize the grid by swapping out pictures and updating the text.

Instagram Theme Ideas & Planning Templates


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