Three Ways I Beat Stress from Business Roadblocks

You know those days when you have every good intention of being super productive and making every deadline? And then that doesn’t quite happen. Many times due to a situation or a glitch you hadn’t been planning on. That was pretty much what happened here. So here I am 14 hours late getting my post up.

My plan was to share with you some of the ways I have grown my business and my blog (and I still have every thought of doing that tonight) but the style of post has changed because my thought pattern has changed today.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in blogging and having a business is that shit is going to happen. There will be roadblocks. You’re going to be late sometimes. And things are going to go wrong at times.

Be real.

I can’t promise you that this is going to be one of my best posts. I’m exhausted. It’s been a hell of a week so far. But I can give you my word that it’s going to be honest, real, and I’m going to give you the best that I have right now.

It’s all in how you deal with it that will make the difference in your success.

The saying, “shit happens” is one that I’ve learned to embrace. Sometimes things are going to go astray no matter what you do. And it’s good they do because that’s where we learn things. Okay so everything is broken today and you can’t get to those tasks. First, is there away around it? Second, is the world going to crumble if you’re late completing them? Real honest answers. Yeah it still sucks, but is it the end of the world? No, okay then. Keep your head up. Be positive and take care of business when you can.

The lower you keep your stress, the better you will perform.

I can’t change the fact that the systems were down. But I can stay positive and stay leveled so that I’m not a frantic, hot mess. So that’s what I did and this is where I’m at now. This less freak out version of me makes so much more progress in the business world.

What else can help with business management?

I plan and schedule ahead. This helps me better prepared. Oh, system is down. Okay no worries. I still have some content and promotions going out.


This tool is great for organizing my editorial, promotional and social content schedule. With CoSchedule, I’m able to link it my WordPress, social accounts, and MailChimp so that I can even work within the platform and/or schedule my social posts right from my blog post in WordPress. They also have features like color coding so I can organize all my initiatives (and multiple blogs). It may sound like such a simple thing to be so excited about but I have so much going on so little ticks like that make me super happy!


I totally recommend signing up for a email service. At first, I was a bit hesitant about letting some control to an email service but it’s made life so much easier. I have been using MailChimp. Love them. They have easy to use templates and I can build my emails ahead of time and schedule the sends.


I’ve only been using Tailwind a few months but I have fallen madly in love already! I schedule all my pins ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about them and set Tailwind to pin them at the best times. The reach of my content has also increased from joining the tribes. Monthly visitors on my Pinterest profile increased by 65% in a month and I gained 640 new followers!

One more thing.

If you want to get serious and turn your blog into a business, my biggest start advice is to go self-hosted. I switched to Siteground about two years ago and that’s when I really started to see my blog grow. The customer service is amazing. If something goes wrong, I send a little message and they’re on it. Takes the worry off me having that support.

So, the takeaways of tonight’s post:

  1. Chill. Don’t freak out when things go wrong. Take a deep breath, and work through it (or around it).
  2. Outsource where you can.
  3. Prepare yourself. Schedule ahead.

You got this!

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