Beauty Trends for 2019

Almond (Shaped) Nails

En-capturing the shape of the almond, we’re seeing more rounded, ovaled nails this year.

Cropped Bangs

Bangs are back and this time in they’re short and cute.

Standout Lip Color

Statement pouts in all colors.

Liquid Exfoliator

Lilac Hair

Coming in various shades. My favorite is the Chocolate Lilac!

Natural Lash Lifts

Natural lash treatments with castor oil, grapeseed oil and Aloe Vera.

Glossy Make Up

Glossy make-up is sticking around this year.

Going Gray

Letting the grays come naturally, not covering it up.

Witch Hazel Products

Witch Hazel is popping up in beauty products this year as we move towards a more apothecary approach to wellness.

Powder Dip Nails